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street in white


    since longtime, I can't help but remember a strange image in my mind.
    I'm looking far away, a straight street covered with snow,
    maybe standing in the middle of the way.
    then my memory is fading out gradually and continuously.
    I'm thinking of nothing,
    I'm feeling nothing, really not any more.
    I don't know who am I nor where am I.
    a white colour of snow is still anxious for me.
    I love deeply this sight and then, I'm expecting something from it.

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    明けましておめでとうございます/ happy new year !

    お正月 Photo Album !

      miki nenga

      mr osechi

      mr namasu

      mr umani 2

      mr chika

      mr ikura

      mr kuchitori

      Je vous souhaite une excellente année avec plein de réalisations des projets, plein de bonheurs !

      Miki OKUBO

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