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animals' portraits album

Exposing animals' portraits
I could stay hours without doing nothing but gazing on them.

    portrait animal 0

    portrait animal 1

    portrait animal 2

    portrait animal 3

    portrait animal 4

    portrait animal 5

    portrait animal 6

    portrait animal 7

    portrait animal 8

    portrait animal 9

    portrait animal 10

    animal portrait 11

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    what exists near us

      ie 1

      these pictures were taken near the house.
      in our daily life where we live just for passing days,
      curiously we watch nothing such as the rail passing just under the street
      through which I'm going to my work everyday,
      the plant surviving enduring against the coldest season,

      ie 2

      if someone ask me what color the wall of a house locating just after the railway has,
      I couldn't give good answer, never.

      ie 3

      this morning, I called my mother.
      she told me the severest snowing days with noises and coldness.
      last year, I remember, I passed March 3rd festival with my parents.
      this year, I just took some pictures a set of luxe dolls in some Japanese place,
      that is quite different from our dolls with them...

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