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what I adore ( to have )

ok, I present here some of what I adored in Hokkaido.

A bowl of rice topped with salmon roe.
Visually it pleased me,
as it is something precious conceptually as it represents the life.


    a big flatfish on the plat remind me of nostalgic images.
    when I was young I followed my father going fishing.
    Flatfishes and a kind of Atka mackerel called "Hokke" in Japanese
    were never difficult to fish.


    Honestly saying, I'm not passionated for mochi, rice cake.
    I'm haunted by fear that I get it stuck in my throat when alone.
    There are many ways to die and i found it is one of the most difficult ways in the world.


    I love something soft to eat.
    Tofu, Hanpen, and a kind of barbarian cream ( especially with fruit) ...
    of all, mother's cup-steamed egg ( like the picture)
    is what makes me return there at least once per year.
    As one of my aims for this year,
    I vow to buy an instrument allowing me to cook
    this kind of steamed cuisines...


    ume brandy ( plum liqueur) is the best liqueur in the world.
    of course I could find it in Paris but not exactly what I want.
    since one year and a half, I fabricate it at home.
    without ume brandy, no tranquil life.


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    happy birthday for my lovely friend

    we celebrated the anniversary of our friend.
    he is lover of sweets.
    we took sweets plate with three candles.
    sang a song for him and he blew them up.

    I love them and love to share the moment with them.
    I know we can count up the number of our meeting chance
    for all our life long even if we are still young.
    each of us lives our life and sometimes we get together.

    we sometimes talk about what we do after retiring our job,
    it might sound absurd but we are serious.
    we know it important to make sure
    we are always capable to get together
    after a great voyage.
    whether it is imaginary and irrealism or not,
    it is no matter.




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      my mentor of the french horn

      I met my mentor of French Horn.
      I studied the music with him when I was highschool student.
      I was willing to do the music as my profession, for my life.
      I gave it up in a sense when I understood my artistic preference was unbalanced,
      as well as my interests concerned more largely "art",
      that is, not only practicing the instruments but also learning its theoretical basics.


        I thank to him always all of the advices he gave me for my decisions.
        we meet once per year to talk about how we are getting along.
        each of our meeting may give me the reason to continue my music
        wherever I'm working.

        This return was, however, particularly happy for me and my mentor
        because I had also the occasion to see again my old friend, musician,
        living in Chicago, working as a teacher of music.


        The natal city is always peaceful and mild to our mind.
        it is gentile, easy and understanding.
        however, we know also why we never return here to settle down again.
        The white breath when it is very cold reminds me of the beautiful scenery in the snow,
        where I felt any fear for the world thanks to its brightness
        because the light was strongly reflected from the ground covered with snow.


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          My mother is specialist of patchwork.
          Not only patchwork, she is also very good at sowing in general.
          She made me ornaments for the hair with lovely cloths.
          The picture was taken when we enjoyed our lunch in a cafe near Sapporo station.
          I took it secretly because my mother doesn't be photographed.


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