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My grandfather, almost 90 years old, living in his place

my dear grandpa,
I called at my grandfather in the way from the airport to Sapporo.
He lives one of her daughters, the youngest one.
His wife passed away two years ago.

He is sportive, lovers of driving, geek of any machines, curious and fighter.

Since years, he fights against his diseases.
I cannot help being amazed at his way of confronting problems face to face.
No other person of my family has the same mentality as him.
He is positive. He never gives up seeking to live even if the condition is not ideal.
He can believe things if he sounds good for his curing.
He can stake the chance even if other people says it takes a chances or a risk.

He always says he is strong because he experiments the training of "Yokaren".
"Yokaren" is the preparation training of expected Kamikaze, that is, young Japanese boys.
My grandfather almost aging 90 years old, was exactly 19 years old in 1945.
Enduring everyday training in "Yokaren" camp, he is expected to be sent somewhere as a Kamikaze.
This experience is engraved in his life, giving him a habit of thinking that "I can endure any difficulties".

This kind of discourse is difficult to justify and very delicate to discuss.
I am, personally, absolutely not a militaristic person and against any exploitation of lives as a weapon.
However, for someone once went through this genre of experiences, they need to understand what happened.
I can never criticize his experience and his thinking based on his personal experience.
Instead, I listen to him, his voice, his story, I regard carefully how he tries to overcome troubles,
in order to, one day, I will be capable to apply his method, his thinking and his way of living.



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