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the coldest day

I learned today (February 22nd) was cats' day, when I watched some articles on FB,
(cats' day in Japan, I don't know exactly why, but maybe because number 2 is pronounced "ni" in Japanese, then as February 22nd consists of triple "2"s,
if you imagine a cat crying softly, like, not myaou, but nyaou,
nyaou, nya, ny,,,, like "2" (ni) , is it ??? 
Anyway... this is why I persistently use this picture of "marbine", my favorite cat in Paris, black,


Today was the coldest day for these a few months I think.
I was at the University from 8 o'clock to 15 o'clock
for my class and working there even after lunch.

We created some micro novels on twitter like already existing projects,
later, we started doing literature working from the idea of Renga, japanese poem style.
I'll post them when we'll finish and I'll enjoy analyzing their collaborative work.

As a teacher, without some specific formation like information technic, programming, or others,
I believe I'm still capable of giving some different experience which may appeal directly to the way of thinking or the sensibility for media usage.
That is why in this semester I propose a little persistently carrying out my experimental concepts in somehow "exhibitionistic" ways even if it takes time because of many troublesome process. ( inscription on blog, creation accounts etc.)

I hope sincerely at the end of this semester, my students realize some modality or proper idea for writing and communicating on line.


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