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poupées : ma passion

after one week occupied with many things,
I had waited this Saturday for spending my time
a bit calmly and tranquilly under the bleu sky ( if possible! )
then I got an opportunity to visit one of the biggest flea market in Clignancourt,
where I had never been in fact!
The weather was rather comfortable, not too cold,
we walked well to discover some interesting stuffs there,


    Initially, I'm a lover of dolls, European dolls, Japanese dolls, and boll-jointed dolls,
    they have always attracted me, can't forget marionettes, too!
    years ago, I learned some technics to fabricate a kind of "dolls",
    then I made a couple of heads with real hairs, and glass eyes.
    I have them still here.


    The dolls are interesting because they are originally children's toy,
    generally for girls, however,
    their realistic expression can frighten them.
    in the 18th and 19th century, some famous artisans of dolls appeared in Europe, especially in France,
    they made high quality sophisticated dolls with realistic representation, somehow.
    this kind of dolls, in fact, are not really "small" for little children,
    for them, these dolls look rather their sister or their baby than small dolls.


    I imagine
    children playing with stuffed toys like teddy bears and children spending their time with realistic dolls
    might have completely a different experience.
    The dolls are not a toy but a little person.

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