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my mentor of the french horn

I met my mentor of French Horn.
I studied the music with him when I was highschool student.
I was willing to do the music as my profession, for my life.
I gave it up in a sense when I understood my artistic preference was unbalanced,
as well as my interests concerned more largely "art",
that is, not only practicing the instruments but also learning its theoretical basics.


    I thank to him always all of the advices he gave me for my decisions.
    we meet once per year to talk about how we are getting along.
    each of our meeting may give me the reason to continue my music
    wherever I'm working.

    This return was, however, particularly happy for me and my mentor
    because I had also the occasion to see again my old friend, musician,
    living in Chicago, working as a teacher of music.


    The natal city is always peaceful and mild to our mind.
    it is gentile, easy and understanding.
    however, we know also why we never return here to settle down again.
    The white breath when it is very cold reminds me of the beautiful scenery in the snow,
    where I felt any fear for the world thanks to its brightness
    because the light was strongly reflected from the ground covered with snow.


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